About Kauai

Nicknamed the "Garden Island", Kauai encompasses 549 square miles in its 33-mile by 25-mile shape and is circumnavigated in 137 miles. Only 3 % of the island has been developed and only 10% of Kauai is accessible by road, helping it maintain its rural character.

Kauai has been described as "magical" and truly it is. The weather is a near perfect 70-80 degrees year round. With its 100-plus waterfalls, 90 miles of coastline, breath-taking views of the ocean and mountains, plus its hundreds of things to see and do, it is the place to visit.


Our Anahola Home is located just 15-20 minutes from the Lihue Airport at the northeast corner of the island in its namesake town of Anahola, population: 2293. You’ll find it off the main highway at the end of a beach road — comfortably, quietly situated in the last cul-de-sac. Besides the locals, there is no traffic beyond the familiar vehicles of the neighbors and perhaps several skittish roosters, hens, and chicks that freely roam the entire island.

Our neighborhood is very much a "community." There are homes that have stood for years but most are newer than in many Kauai towns, with 77% lived in by their owners. You will see one neighbor riding on his golf cart, another tooling about her award-winning garden, and others who are coming back to their sea side home after a long day’s work on the island. This area is "real life", not a planned community. Spend a week here and you’ll take in more about the island and the community than you can imagine.