Plus, here is a letter to the editor of a Kauai newspaper sharing his thoughts about Kauai that says it better than we can:

In November of 2010, my wife and I had the great good fortune of visiting Kaua’i for a weeklong vacation. This was our first visit to the Hawaiian Islands and we only visited Kaua’i —frankly I don’t think we could have made a better choice. The landscape, skies, sunrises and sunsets are all incredible sights, the history, architecture and unrelenting beauty of our home is undeniable. But by far, the absolute greatest aspect of our visit was the people. Everyone we met, without a single exception, was warm, welcoming, helpful and most definitely patient. The folks we met were not “looking to make a buck,” they were truly interested in making us feel at home and very welcome. They gladly shared their culture, their knowledge, and their friendship. As members of the Canadian Forces, we have had the privileges of seeing quite a number of countries and experiencing many cultures. But never have any people been more welcoming, friendly, and simply down-to-earth great folks as those that call Kaua’i home. Thanks so much to all residents of Kaua’i and, if its not presumptuous on my part, sincere Aloha!

— Written by Don Summers, Canada. Published in the Garden Island, February 10, 2011

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